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Need content fast? Tired of receiving junk articles nobody wants to read? Here's the solution. is a content engine staffed by native English speaking writers. All have at least 3 years' professional blogging experience. We've supplied content to big brands and small businesses, and we're ready to write for you. Just select the content type, length and other variables, then check out and pay. Quality, original, engaging content will be supplied to order within a few days. It's that simple!

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October 13 2015

Gifting 101: Cool Gifts for Awkward People

With holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the ‘hard-to-buy-fors’. You know: the folks that show up for Christmas to claim their free roast dinner, or the long-lost cousins that send gifts over the holidays, expecting something in return. I have those relatives. You do too. And they always buy gifts for everyone. Family gatherings can attract several awkward uncles, who receive more than their fair share of socks. And dads are the toughest gift ...

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May 19 2015

The Trouble With Cheap Content